Exempt Charity Information

Legal name: Falmouth University

Preferred name: Falmouth University

Correspondence address: Falmouth Campus, 25 Woodlane, Falmouth TR11 4RH

Constitutional document: Articles of Government

Audited financial statements for the six years to 31 July 2017

Trustees as at 31 January 2018:

NameAlso a trustee of
Chris Pomfret, OBE (Chair of the Board of Governors)

Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust (1133295)
Hall for Cornwall Trust (1053028)

Professor Anne Carlisle-
Andrew Allen-
Mark Carne-
Alison CresseyLion Academy Trust (8171341)
Robert Hillier (Staff Governor)-
Tim JonesBroadreach House (284957)
The Fort Bovisand Trust (1147777)
Dartington Hall Trust (279756)
The Outset Foundation (1157488)
Bertrand Louveaux-
Chris Slesser (Student President)Falmouth & Exeter Students' Union (1145405)
John MathersFields of Battle - 14 - 18 (1141520)
Tracy Pritchard (Staff Governor)-
Charles Wace-