Winter Dance Gathering

Friday 4 December 2009 08.00 to Sunday 6 December 2009 17.00
Susanne Thomas:

Where are we now and what are we doing? What is happening in contemporary dance and performance and where are we placed in relation to this? How has our work developed, what excites us, interests us and intrigues us now?

Having begun a choreography programme six years ago and starting a new dance degree course in autumn 2010, we look back to our graduates and forward to our students, gathering together for a festive investigation of what we're all up to right now.

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Aller Park Studios, Dartington Campus, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6EJ

All events are free and open to the public.

4 December 2009: Launch

6.30pm - 10:00pm

Registration, Milling and impromptu performances and jaming.

5 & 6 December 2009

11am - 1pm: Workshops

1.30pm - 10pm: Performance and Debate


Aimed at choreography alumnae we are offering three commissions; two worth £250 and one worth £400.

The successful applicants will see their work or work-in-progress presented at the Winter Dance Gathering, with the potential for some artists to receive further support for the development of their work in the future.

Email proposals clearly labeled ‘commission', plus space, time and technical requirements to Malaika Sarco-Thomas at by 5pm on Monday 2 November.

We will announce the recipients via email by Thursday 5 November.


Aimed at both current and former students, staff and associated artists we invite proposals for your contributions to this Winter Dance Gathering: performances, videos, workshops, works-in-progress, site-based pieces, lectures and discussion topics all welcome.

Email a description clearly labeled ‘contribution', plus space, time and technical requirements to Malaika Sarco-Thomas at by 5pm, Monday 2 November. Places on the bill are limited.