Thomas Steuer

BA(Hons) Photography

"I was studying at Fachhochschule Dortmund University in Germany and applied for an Erasmus exchange to experience how photography was taught in a different university. I also wanted to learn another language. The International Office at FH-Dortmund gave me information about the Erasmus exchange programme and I took private English lessons to prepare for it. I felt it was important to learn about photography in a UK context and thought this knowledge would be a great advantage in the future. I also wanted to deepen my photography experience by living and working in the UK for a while.

The photography course at Falmouth was absolutely great; especially the annual study trip to London and the different workshops featuring guest photographers. The inspiration you get from the course is just a million’s worth!

Life in Falmouth is very easy. Everyone is so open-minded and friendly. Chatting with people you bump into on the street, the beaches and living by the seaside makes it worth it to live here for a while.

This has been a unique and creative exchange. Falmouth is absolutely modern and well equipped with great surroundings, and the English classes were great too!"