Inaugural Games Festival Success

Monday 7 November 2016
Games as arts/ Arts as games

The Games Academy's inaugural festival - Games as arts/ Arts as games – has been hailed as a success.

The event, which took place last month, contributed to the discussion about games as art forms, opening it up to the general public and saw visitors of all ages, including school groups. It was also an opportunity for games students to experience PROCJAM 2016 edition talks and meet international world experts on AI in games.

Guest artists during the event included Alan Meades, Amanita Design, David Blandy and Larry Achiampong, Ian Gouldstone, Oliver Sutherland and guest speakers Hartmut Koenitz and Michael Matteas.

Tanya Krzywinska, Professor of Digital Games and Director of the Games Academy, said: "Video-games are often described in terms of folk art; sensationalised as fairy tale monsters, seducers that steal people from their families, away from health and creativity, away from social mores into an all-encompassing netherworld at once violent and unreal. Equally, videogames have also been tagged as heroes of the digital age – heralded as changing the way we learn and engage with each other, and offering new material for creating new art forms.

"During this festival, we looked at the relationship of games with other art forms and discussed ideas around art-based approaches to game making and the materials used to make games. We examined games as a lens through which to examine other, more established art practices, and addressed the potential for games to take up the mantle of other art forms in the process of critiquing society and creating change."

Games as arts/arts as games is an annual festival at the crossroads of games and art, organized by The MetaMakers Institute, the research Institute within the Games Academy.

For more information, visit The MetaMakers Institute website