Simon Averill

Job title
Senior Lecturer, BA Fine Art
01326 255696

My paintings are a response to time spent within nature; I'm drawn to the commonplace, the unnoticed. I try to capture the fleeting and the transitory; the effect of light - not only how it appears, but also how it behaves. I'm trying to imagine it as something tangible, as if you could hold light in the palm of your hand.

My work explores the way that we see and perceive our surroundings - the difference between our foveal and our peripheral vision and how our brain deciphers and reassembles this information. I am also interested in the psychology of decision making within the creative process and my work investigates the relationship between spontaneity and control. My paintings allow these seemingly disparate ideas to co-exist side by side.

I have exhibited my work widely in selected exhibitions in UK, Europe and USA. I have also had 11 solo exhibitions including five in London.

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BA(Hons) Fine Art