Rob Brown

Job title
Head of Journalism
+44 (0)1326 259261 Ext: 259261

A distinguished former editor and highly experienced educator, Rob takes great pride in having practised or taught journalism in all five nations on these islands and has been completely re-energised by being based in the newly re-recognised nation of Cornwall.

Before taking on his current role at Falmouth, he spearheaded undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in four major media cities - London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Dublin. He has also been a visiting professor at India’s premier journalism school and taught political communication to American masters students while at the University of Westminster.

Rob was initially lured to London by a famous fellow Scot, Andrew Marr, to launch and edit for several years the largest weekly media section ever produced by The Independent (back in the days when that esteemed publication appeared on the newsstands as well as online).
More recently, he was drawn to Dublin by the Irish Independent newspaper group to combine lecturing in its private college with writing on Irish affairs for several influential UK titles, most notably the New Statesman and The Scotsman.

His own Masters degree from the University of Glasgow is in Politics and he spent some years being the scourge of the Scottish and London political and media establishments, so he teaches politics and media law with authority as well as passion. After completing a postgraduate diploma in journalism studies at Cardiff, he took the then daring step of freelancing his way into a wide and varied national newspaper career. Returning enthusiastically to self-employment at several stages in his career, Rob successfully practised entrepreneurial journalism long before that became a fashionable buzz phrase in American J-schools.