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Professor of Performance

"A wonderful body of work" The Guardian  

Gregg Whelan formed the performance company Lone Twin with Gary Winters in 1997. The company’s work is regularly shown across the world to critical and popular acclaim. Lone Twin produced The Boat Project, a large-scale participatory commission for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad. Since 2007 Gregg has been co-artistic director of ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Finland. In 2010 Whelan became an AHRC research fellow in the Creative and Performing Arts at King’s College London. In 2013 Gregg joined Falmouth University as Professor of Performance.  

Gregg’s role at Falmouth sees him teaching across theatre, dance, music and cultural management and production. Gregg’s research, his professional output and his curatorial activities are focused on performance culture; performance as a way of thinking about the world, and performance practices; the making and doing of performance. Ideas of community and social participation are at the heart of Gregg's practice. 

Currently Gregg holds an AHRC Fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts with a project that explores the cultural agency of running, and its relationship to endurance and participation. This interdisciplinary project shares a research agenda with designers, urban planners, social scientists, sports scientists, medical scientists, healthcare professionals and performance makers.


Honours and awards


Honorary Fellowship, Dartington College of Arts


Honorary Diploma, The City of Kuopio

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AHRC Peer Review College

Research interests

Research interests and expertise

My range of research activities can be broadly placed under two umbrella terms; performance culture and performance practices. The latter I think of as the ‘doing’ of performance; making it, building it. The former I think of as what performance allows us to understand; if we take performance as way of knowing, a way of understanding, what knowledge might it engender? Although my own, practical uses of performance are aligned to disciplines such as theatre, art or sport my sense of performance as form of behavior and way of knowing extends across contexts and disciplines such as design, geography, urban studies, fashion, popular culture, contemporary literary practice, medicine, biology, ecology, commerce and beyond. The core concerns of my work are focused on performativity in relation to ideas of community and social participation. 

The Long Run, an AHRC supported fellowship in the Creative and Performing Arts (2010 – 2017), responds to recent studies in biology, anthropology and archaeology that propose the human body achieved its current form, and its survival, from the evolved ability to run relatively great distances. The research asks how do body-based cultural practices respond to this re-writing of the human body? What happens to the difficult practice of endurance running once we apprehend it in social and cultural terms?   

My other current research interests are:   

  • Running cities, smart cities, smart design   
  • Performance and place; performed communities and participation  
  • Performance and travel, journey and mobility  
  • Narrative spaces and processes – narrative tools and modes of telling  
  • Writing/performing the post-dramatic  
  • The social agency of dance; place-based dance making  
  • Writing, oration and affirmation; performance and kindness  

The performance company Lone Twin has been the home to my performance making since 1997. The company, co-founded with Gary Winters, makes a range of work for theatres, public space and beyond. 2011 saw the publication of Good Luck Everybody, Lone Twin, Journeys, Performances, Conversations (Performance Research Books), edited by David Williams and Carl Lavery it is a comprehensive look at the company's first decade or so of activity. A listing of Lone Twin's public works is included here in the Professional Engagement section. Below is a selective list of books, chapters, articles about Lone Twin. 

Selective third party publications/events on Lone Twin   


Williams, David (2012) The Lone Twin Boat Project, Devon: Chiquita Books

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I Can’t Go On Like This, Lone Twin and Related Practices, International conference, Lancaster University, 2007


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Williams, David (2012) ‘A thing built to move: Lone Twin’s The Boat Project ­ an interview with Gary Winters and Gregg Whelan’, Total Theatre 24:1, Spring, pp. 11-12

Research outputs

Publications and research outputs


Whelan, Gregg (2017) Stage Flight - Runner's World article. Runner's World, March 2017. ISSN N/A Item availability may be restricted.

Whelan, Gregg (2012) Running Through A Field: Performance and Humanness. Performance Research: A Journal of the Performing Arts, 17 (2). ISSN 1352-8165

Conference or Workshop Item

Whelan, Gregg (2016) Beings & Things, at Playing-UP The Symposium, Tate Modern. In: Playing-UP The Symposium, 04/04/2016, Tate Modern, London.

Whelan, G and Andrews, P (2015) Unruly Runnings: On track with identity and difficulty. In: Dangerous Currents: Risk and regulation at the interface of medicine and the arts, Association of Medical Humanities Conference, 23/06/15 - 25/06/15, Darlington Hall.

Whelan, Gregg (2014) The Amateur Human: Seeing Running at RUN RUN RUN International Festival of Running. In: RUN RUN RUN International Festival of Running, The Slade School of Fine Art, UCL.


Whelan, Gregg, Bleakley, Alan and Lynch, Larry (2016) Dangerous Currents: Risk and Regulation at the Interface of Medicine and the Arts. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne. ISBN 978-1-4438-9888-1
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Whelan, Gregg, Tuukkanen, Johanna and Itkonen, Elisa (2014) ANTI Contemporary Art Festival 2014 - 2016. [Exhibition]
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Whelan, Gregg and Tuukkanen, Johanna (2007) ANTI Contemporary Art Festival 2007 - 2013. [Exhibition]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2017) Ghost Dance at In Between Time Festival, Arnolfini, Bristol, 2017. [Performance]

Whelan, G and Winters, G (2016) Last Act Of Rebellion at Compass Festival, Leeds 2016. [Performance]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2016) The Visitor. [Performance]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2015) Spiral at Compass Festival, Leeds. [Performance]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2015) True West by Lone Twin & The Table. [Performance]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2010) The Catastrophe Trilogy. [Performance]
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Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2010) Beastie 2010 - 2017. [Performance]
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Williams, David, Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2006) Alice Bell. [Performance]


Whelan, Gregg and Winters, Gary (2011) The Boat Project. [Project]
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Whelan, Gregg (2016) Weather and Imagination, 2016 ANTI International Seminar. [Conference]

Whelan, Gregg (2015) Art of Endurance, 2015 ANTI International Seminar. [Conference]

Bleakley, Alan, Lynch, Larry, Taylor, Kerry, Whalley, Joanne, Fussell, Ian, Marshal, Robert and Whelan, Gregg (2015) Dangerous Currents: Risk and regulation at the interface of medicine and the arts, Association for Medical Humanities Conference 2015. [Conference]

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Fellowship: The Long Run, Contemporary Performance Practice and Endurance Running

Research students

Current research students

Gemma Garwood, Deep-Mapping as a Collaborative Strategy for Re-Imagining the Town Centre


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Cultural Management and Production

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Acting BA(Hons)
Theatre BA(Hons)
Dance and Choreography BA(Hons)
Popular Music BA(Hons)
Creative Events Management BA(Hons)
Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management BA(Hons)

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