Pablo de Laborde Lascaris

BA(Hons) Fine Art, 2011

"I'm currently working as an Artist-in-Residence at Christ's Hospital School in West Sussex, where I have been given the space and resources to continue to develop my practice. As well as my responsibilities as an artist, I'm in charge of teaching art four days a week to students between the ages of 11 and 13, and mentoring A level students. I also privately tutor art outside of the School at weekends. Each year my position culminates with a solo show and lecture about my work to the students of the school.

After my degree show, I co-coordinated Breakfast, a Falmouth graduate exhibition in London. Since then I have been busy developing and building a new series of work to exhibit as part of my residence, as well as trying to keep on top of competitions and opportunities in the art world. I recently received a Bursary Award from The Royal Society of British Sculptors, which gives me an exhibition in London in November and the opportunity to work with established artists through their mentorship program. I'm also currently building Tin Collective, a web-based source to establish a new link between different generations of Falmouth Graduates.

Falmouth's strong tutorial and technical support has led me on an artistic path that focuses on the crafts and poetics of Fine Art rather than purely it's conceptual aspects. This has equipped me to adapt and alter my work to express what I want to say today. My time at Falmouth encouraged me to develop a good work ethic by introducing me to outside opportunities, such as the British Art Medal Society competition. I went on to receive Second Prize and was commissioned 14 bronze medals, two of which went to the British Museum and the V&A. University College Falmouth also gave me an introduction into what was expected of me as an artist; the Professional Practice lectures and tutorials were invaluable in offering me guidance in terms of commissions, applications and exhibitions."