Niamh Secures Research Funding

Monday 14 December 2015

Dr Niamh Downing, Senior Lecturer and Interim Head of English & Writing, has been awarded funding by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) to deliver an 18-month interdisciplinary science in culture project.

The project - Orkney: Beside the Ocean of Time - will work with communities on Orkney to explore whether engaging with concepts of geological time enables people to respond and adapt more effectively to landscape change.

Falmouth will lead the project, working with researchers from Cambridge, Glasgow, Brunel and University College London to find innovative ways of engaging the public with the effects of time on landscape change.

Niamh said: "Culminating in a festival and exhibition held with our community partner, The Pier Arts Centre, the project will enable community dialogue about the ways in which the lived environment of Orkney has been, and will continue to be shaped by human and natural activities, in the deep and near past, the present moment, and perhaps most importantly, the as yet, undetermined future."

The project begins in March 2016 and is valued at £80,000.

Niamh is also currently Co-Investigator on AHRC-Funded Connected Communities project, Telling the Bees, led by Dr Deborah Maxwell at the University of York.