Mercedes Kemp

Job title
Senior Lecturer, Critical Studies
01326 213872

Mercedes Kemp is a core artistic member of WILDWORKS. WildWorks is an internationally renowned multi-disciplinary theatre and visual arts company, pushing boundaries of participative and professional practice with a reputation for working on large scale public projects. As an artist-led company based in Cornwall, we balance high production values with a distinctive commitment to community engagement. WildWorks' shows happen in found landscapes rather than formal theatre spaces. They reflect and embrace the host communities from which they draw their meaning.

As well as the production of text and story line, her role within WILDWORKS involves creating and maintaining relationships with host communities, exploring their relationships with place and memory and adapting text to fit each new location. Her method involves a kind of eclectic ethnographic research into a variety of sources: archives, libraries, cemeteries, village halls, bus stops, local historians, town gossips, snapshots, old photographs, conversations, and, above all, a close observation of the process of memory and its effect on the value that people place on their environments. Her freelance work includes commissions for The Eden Project, The Guardian and BBC Radio 3. She worked as a writer for Kneehigh Theatre in Strange Cargo, Manel's Mango, Shop of Stories, Doubtful Island, Island of Dreams and A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings. She is a founding member of the writing and performing collective Scavel an Gow.

Recent outputs


  • Ark-ive, Theatre Square, National Theatre, London 2012
  • BABEL, Caledonian Park, London


  • The Passion, Port Talbot


  • Palestine Literature Festival, Palestine 2010
  • Enchanted Palace, Kensington Palace London

Selected earlier outputs


  • The Beautiful Journey, North East, on the banks of the river Tyne Wallsend 2009
  • The Beautiful Journey, South West, Devonport Dockyard 2009
  • Memory Projector, Glasgow 2009
  • Imaginary Journeys:WildWorks Travel Agencies, all over Cornwall


  • Clay Project, Cornwall 2008
  • Woman in the Room as part of Punch Drunks Masque of the Red Death, BAC London


  • Souterrain, Dolcoath, Cornwall 2007
  • Souterrain, Sotteville, France 2007
  • Journey To Halo, Haslingden, Lancashire


  • Morwenstow, North Cornwall 2006
  • Souterrain, Gosnay, France 2006
  • Souterrain, Hastings, UK 2006
  • Souterrain, Colchester, UK 2006
  • Souterrain, Amiens, France 2006
  • Souterrain, Brighton


  • A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, Hayle, Cornwall


  • 3 Island Project, Cyprus


  • 3 Island Project, Malta

Current projects/forthcoming outputs

  • Chimera: A multi-disciplinary project exploring the relationship between humans and animals.
  • Babel Palestine: An iteration of the BABEL project in Nablus, Occupied Territories of Palestine, West Bank