Llandfill Makes the Bitch List

Tuesday 11 February 2014
Shortlisted writer Nicholas Horwood accepts his certificate at the Nick Darke Award 2013

Nick Darke Award 2013 shortlisted screenplay Llandfill has been published on the 2014 Bitch List as one of the most popular unproduced screenplays of the last 12 months, as chosen by voters.

The script was written by Nicholas Horwood, who has been a freelance screenwriter for five years, has produced over two dozen feature screenplays and shorts, and has won the Final Draft Big Break Contest since being shortlisted for the Nick Darke Award in October 2013.

Llandfill is a horror comedy feature-film script that tells the story of pregnant ex-police officer Monica Sharaawi who moves to a small Welsh village and ends up doing battle with a seven-foot mutant spawned from the local landfill.

Llandfill was chosen because of its strong female representation, as The Bitch List (Bitch standing for Brilliant, Intriguing, Tenacious, Creative Heroines) uses Bechdel testing to find the best scripts that include female characters who drive the plot for themselves and not their male counterparts.

The list is run by a collective of creatives: film and media students, men and women who believe that there should be more screenplays produced into films that reflect how women talk, in real life.

Nicholas said: “I wrote Llandfill for three reasons: 1) I wanted to write a screenplay with a strong female lead 2) I wanted to write something about the horrors of landfill sites, and 3) I wanted to enter the Nick Darke Award. I wasn't looking to write a film that would turn people off with a full-on 'message', about either the lack of strong female characters in films or the need to recycle more; I wanted to create a commercial and escapist film that re-enforced what I think most people already know: we need to see more strong women in films, and we need to see fewer landfill sites."

Nicholas’ play is currently available to executives and producers and, if invested in, looks to become one of the small percentage of feature films that passes Bechdel testing.

You can view the full list via the below link.