Keith Michael

Drummer, producer and educator, Keith has played extensively in a variety of performance mediums incorporating music, theatre, modern dance, art and mixed media and meditation practices in the UK, Europe and in Asia. He has played with Ustad Usman Khan”East-West” group and also Alryo Lima (of Weather Report) in India; in Japan he has played with a number of top players including Onuma Yosuke, Shinji Akita, Toku, Neil Staknaker and formed the band “Quasimodo” with Ed Jones, making three tours of Japan.  

In recent years Keith has played with a wide selection of players in the UK including: Steve Fishwick, Kit Downes, Ed Jones Alex Garnet, Ross Stanley, Dave Mannington, Tommaso Starace, Quentin Collins, Dave Preston and ,Jim Hart. Keith has been steering the Falmouth Yamaha Jazz Summer School since 2012.