Joe Barnes

BA(Hons) Journalism

Editor of FHM, Joe Barnes graduated from Falmouth in 2003. Responsible for deciding what goes in every issue of the magazine, reinventing its profile and speaking to younger readers as well as the current readership, he uses skills he learned at Falmouth every day.

"My time at Falmouth was completely brilliant. I learned loads from amazing tutors who gave me the confidence to see I wasn't just studying journalism - I was preparing to be a journalist. While at Falmouth, I did work experience at FRONT magazine, which was hugely valuable and led to a job when I left. Being taught by people who actually worked in journalism was important, because we found out what it was really like in the industry. I still find myself using what I learned at Falmouth ten years later and now, when I have new staff, I'm able to impart some of that knowledge that I learned on the course."