James Kamo

BA(Hons) Performance Sportswear Design 2008-2011

International student James returned to his native California after graduating in 2011 and began working for surf, skate and clothing brand Hurley International in Costa Mesa. Since joining the surf industry giant, which is owned by Nike, he's presented new product prototypes on stage in front of over 200 people - including CEOs, chairmen and vice presidents from Hurley and Nike - and won an iPad for the best idea. James has also designed bespoke wetsuits for pro surfer Brett Simpson.

"Despite Performance Sportswear being a new course when I joined, I knew that Falmouth had a great reputation for illustration, graphic design, and photography - all of which I'm really into. Because the course is so specialised, it's helped me a great deal in terms of people wanting to give me work. Two surf companies in California were very impressed with the fact that I was studying sportswear design in England and gave me some paid freelance work during the summer while I was still on the course."