Gareth Lewis

Job title
Lecturer: BA Game Development

Gareth is a veteran of the video games industry having spent some 25 years working as programmer, producer and business analyst with, and for, some of the largest, smallest and most innovative companies within the industry.

Gareth’s development experience is centred around his time at cult UK studio, Lionhead, working as a project lead on the ‘lost’ Black & White spin-off games, as engineering manager on Black & White II and as a consultant on both Fable I and Black & White I.

After Lionhead, Gareth moved into creative management consultancy establishing a creative consultancy business specialising in solving creative technology challenges as well as undertaking production, business and financial analysis for a wide range of corporate clients, before returning to creative technology through working for and with several start-ups (Mutators, Tangentix and Remode) including his own Strike Gamelabs & Hiaasen Entertainment.

Falmouth marks Gareth’s first full-time role in academia after long visiting appointments with Goldsmiths College (Creative Computing & Interactive Entertainment), Westminster University (Computer Science, Computer Games, Internet Technology, Pervasive Computing and Augmented Reality) and Plymouth University (Augmented Reality)


YearQualificationAwarding body
BA(Hons) Humanities with Art History
Open University
Open University
PG Cert in Technology Managment
Open University
PG Cert in Business Administration
Open University
MSc Intelligent Systems
Plymouth University
BSc(Hons) Computer Science
Brighton Polytechnic

Research interests

Research interests and expertise

My research interests stem from my previous professional activities. As a creative technologist, I am very experienced with solving solving problems with a variety of approaches, techniques and language and I am well versed in analysis, design and implementation. I'm also very used to working with creative clients that find requirements gathering a real challenge. As a business analyst, I have developed a strong interesting in building analytical models of business, systems and processes as well as financial models. Finally, as a veteran of multiple start-up companies, big and small, I have developed interests in many areas of business, not least through my MBA studies and corporate due diligence. I am particularly interested in marketing and marketing validation for start-ups, team building and team dynamics and start-up strategic planning and execution.

Research Programme Affiliations

Research topics

software engineering
software as a service
Artificial Intelligence
Genetic programming
procedurally generated content
systems architecture
Software development with off-the-shelf technology
Developing bespoke technology for games
Gameplay development
Optimising games
Creating re-usable technology
music / audio technology for games
Business strategies for start-up games companies
Indie games develop
Marketing for digital start-ups
Business analysis and planning


Areas of teaching

computer science
computer programming
games development
managing games development
Business Management
Art History
Classical History
Modern History
Technology Management

Courses taught

BA (Hons) Game Development
BSc(Hons) Computing for Games

Business engagement

Intellectual property

Patent number: 9367213 Method and apparatus for delivery of interactive multimedia content over a networkAbstract: A client device downloads an interactive multimedia content package, such as a video game, from a server across a network. The package includes executable code and a plurality of graphical asset files. A wrapper component is provided in the package, which provides an intermediate layer between the executable code and a runtime environment of the client device. The wrapper component restricts functionality of the interactive multimedia content package to provide a demonstration or trial mode, in particular having time limitations (e.g. a rental mode) or functional limitations regarding the assets and/or progress within the content by the executable code. The wrapper component may be removed or inactivated, thereby achieving a full or unlimited mode of the package.

Business start ups

2005- Present Gazcorp Limited
MD, Management consultancy business

2014-Present Banshee Bytes Limited
CTO, Video game development company

Professional engagement