Frances Crow

Job title
Senior Lecturer, Architecture

I am a qualified architect who has worked in practice since 1998. Following my training at Liverpool John Moore’s University and the Bartlett, University College London, I worked for a number of national and international architects, both in London and Berlin. Between 2002 and 2007 I worked as a part-time senior lecturer at Plymouth University in the School of Architecture and the i-dat research group. I started my own design practice in 2007, which concentrates on ecological solutions for small-scale projects. My approach to the process of design is to work at a multi-sensory, micro scale and this preoccupation is continued through my work with Liminal, a practice established in 2003 with Dr David Prior, which explores the space between sound, listening, environment and culture.  I joined architecture at Falmouth University in the spring of 2014 to help develop and deliver the new BA(Hons) Architecture course. 


YearQualificationAwarding body
Examination in Professional Practice and Management and RIBA part 3 with Commendation
The Bartlett, University College London
Overall Commendation in Diploma of Architecture, with Distinction in Technical Studies and RIBA part 2
The Bartlett, University College London
Pre-diploma in Architecture. Distinction in History and Theory Dissertation.
The Bartlett, University College London
B.A. (hons ) 2.1 in Architectural Studies and RIBA part 1
Liverpool John Moores University

Honours and awards


Phonurgia Nova, France: Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Runner Up


Prix Ars Electronica, Ars Electronica, Linz: Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Honorary Mention, Digital Music and Sound Art category


John Connell Innovation Award, Noise Abatement Society, UK: Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Winner


PRS Foundation New Music Award, UK Organ of Corti (Frances Crow and David Prior) - Winner


Sir Herbert Henry Bartlett Travel Scholarship, The Bartlett, University College London

Research interests

Research interests and expertise

Research Interests and Expertise  

My research interests include, participatory design and sound-art practice within the public realm. This work is embodied through my cross-disciplinary practice Liminal, that focuses on sound, listening and cultural practices and through the collaborative research platform Architecture Making Community, that I been active in developing at Falmouth University since 2015.

Sound Listening and Culture  

My research considers the relationship between sound, listening and culture, and forms an integral part of my collaborative practice Liminal with sound artist and composer David Prior. Our work lies in the space between our respective practices and begins with an aspiration to use the material of sound as a means to articulate space. Research themes relate to architecture and atmosphere and engaged practice.  

Since 2013 we have been working on a project called Of This Parish which began with the notion that a parish can be defined as the earshot of a bell. Since our residency with Binaural|Nodar in Portugal we have carried out a series of projects that consider the sound of the bell and the territory it defines.    

Sound and the Environment - Master-planning and Soundscape Design

Liminal have been lead artists on masterplanning projects in both urban environments such as the Warwick Bar Project Birmingham, and rural contexts such as the Cotswold Water Park 20 year strategic plan.   From 2008-10 Liminal led a multi-disciplinary research project in partnership with Sustrans, funded by the Wellcome Trust. The project investigated notions of tranquility with a team comprising a clinical audiologist, a computational neuroscientist, an acoustician specialising in road traffic noise and Arup Acoustics SoundLab. A proposal based on the research from that project lead to Liminal winning the PRS Foundation New Music Award in September 2010 with our piece, Organ of Corti. This piece went on to win the John Connell Innovation Award (2011) an honorary mention at Prix Ars Electronica (2012) and a shortlisting in the Digital Musics and Sound Art category and was shortlisted for the Phonurgia Nova Awards 2012. We have also published articles in Performance Research and Leonardo Music Journal and presented papers on sound, listening and the environment at conferences including Supersonix, Exhibition Road, London and NeuroArts, Plymouth. In 2011-12 Liminal participated in European funded research project into Soundscape design (ECOST) and sound master-planning for the town of Assen, NL  

Participatory Design: Architecture Making Community

Architecture Making Community is based at Falmouth University and is a collaborative research platform. The programme is directed by the architectural staff who work on individual and collective projects with practitioners from other disciplines. Architecture Making Community, work on live projects, with local communities to find solutions to real issues. Through making at both 1:1 and large scale models, we work collaboratively to build real structures that challenge the way we live and work in our regional context.  Architecture Making Community applies research methods to pedagogy, enabling architecture students to engage with local communities and for local communities to benefit from creative proposals to contemporary issues.  

Recent projects:  

  • Building 1:1 Bell Tower with Liminal for Goonhilly Village Green Festival 2015 (September 2015)
  • Connected Communities: Penryn – Participatory Design workshop (February 2016)
  • Connected Communities: Penryn – Public Exhibition and Review  (12 and 13 May 2016)

Research topics

Engaged Practice
Participatory Design
Site Specific Sound
Sound Art
Sound Installation

Research outputs

Publications and research outputs

Book Chapter


Prior, David (2017) Ringing the Changes. In: Soundscapes and Sound Identities. Soundscapes . Galaad Edizioni, Teramo, Italy, pp. 203-219. ISBN 9788898722501 


Conference or Workshop Item


Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2016) Of This Parish - Artist Talk. In: Seachange Festival 2016, 26 - 28 August, Totnes, Devon, UK.



Crow, Frances (2016) Connected Communities: Creative Placemaking, Penzance. In: Creative Placemaking, 9 June 2016, The Exchange, Penzance, UK.
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Crow, Frances and Prior, David (2016) Of This Parish: Creative Placemaking. In: Creative Placemaking, 9 June 2016, The Exchange, Penzance, UK.
[img] [img]



Prior, David (2015) Of This Parish: Project Report and Panel Discussion. In: BEAST FEaST, April 30 - May 3, 2015, Bramall Building, University of Birmingham. Item not available from this repository. 



Prior, David (2015) Ringing the Changes: An Investigation into Sounds and Power. In: Forum Klanglandschaft (FKL) Symposium: Soundscapes and Sound Identities, May 22-24, 2015, Beseno Castle, Italy. (Unpublished) Item availability may be restricted.



Crow, Frances (2014) Framing Listening and the Phonosphere. In: Bright Collisions Summit 2014, TodaysArt 2014, 24 - 28 September 2014, Den Hague, Netherlands.
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Crow, Frances and Prior, David (2016) Field of Play:End of the Game. [Exhibition]
[img] [img]



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2016) To Intercession. [Exhibition]
[img] [img]



Crow, Frances and Prior, David (2015) Transient Parish. [Exhibition]
[img] [img]



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2015) 289ms Away. [Exhibition]
[img] [img]



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2013) Chroma: Interactions of Noise. [Exhibition] 



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2013) Of This Parish. [Exhibition] Item not available from this repository. 



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2011) Organ of Corti. [Exhibition] 



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2006) Warwick Bar Masterplan: lead artist. [Exhibition] 



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2005) The Churchill Museum: Sound Design. [Exhibition] 



Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2003) Swash. [Exhibition] 




Crow, Frances and Prior, David (2014) Report. [Performance]
[img] [img]




Prior, David and Crow, Frances (2014) Of This Parish [Film]. [Media]




Myers, Misha and Crow, Frances and Persighetti, Simon and Frears, Lucy and Garwood, Gemma and Arnold, Bram and Qualmann, Clare (2015) Where to? Steps to the Future of Walking Arts. [Conference]


Externally funded research grants information

Year startingYear endingProject titleFunderValueCollaboratorsHESA Category
Of This Parish
Arts Council England

Binaural Nodar

Organ of Corti Tour
Arts Council England

PRS for Music Foundation New Music Award

Organ of Corti
PRS for Music Foundation's New Music Award
Tranquillity is a State of Mind
Wellcome Trust


Areas of teaching


Courses taught

BA(Hons) Architecture

Policy engagement within Cornwall

I am currently a member of the Penryn Town Team and on the Penryn Neighbourhood Plan steering committee. I have worked closely with Penryn Primary Academy, Penryn Town Team, Field Notes, Goonhilly Village Green and Eden on developing live projects for the architecture students to work on.

Professional engagement