Falmouth Joins Forces with Fourth Element

Thursday 5 December 2013
Photograph taken by Rita Papagian courtesy of Fourth Element.

Photograph by Rita Papagian courtesy of Fourth Element.

Falmouth University has joined forces with Fourth Element, an internationally recognised leader in the diving apparel sector, becoming Falmouth's latest Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP). KTPs, which are facilitated by the UK's innovation agency, the Technology Strategy Board, are designed to combine world-leading academic knowledge with some of the UK's most innovative businesses.

The KTP, a jointly funded partnership between Falmouth University, Fourth Element and the Technology Strategy Board, will focus on advancing the technology surrounding the processes of pattern cutting and manufacture of Fourth Element's technical drysuit and wetsuit range.

The company, a market leader specialising in high performance thermal protection for wet and drysuit diving, is confident in the new business collaboration. Paul Strike, Managing Director of Fourth Element, explains: "We are very excited about the partnership with Falmouth University; it's an extremely welcome association. The aim is to work alongside academics at Falmouth, harnessing their expert knowledge and applying it to a commercial setting."

As part of the project, Fourth Element and Falmouth will be hiring a graduate Apparel Design Engineer who will lead the project on a daily basis, working in close collaboration with the academic and corporate teams.

Patrick Gottelier, Head of Fashion at Falmouth, will be leading from an academic perspective with Fourth Element's Paul Strike providing corporate direction. Technical assistance will be offered by Dr Justin Marshall, Associate Professor of Digital Craft, with company supervision from Jon Longman, Fourth Element's Product Manager.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships enjoy great success across the country. Facilitated by the government-backed Technology Strategy Board, they are designed to pair commercial knowledge with university expertise to stimulate innovation and economic growth.

For more information about KTPs and other business collaboration opportunities with Falmouth University visit: falmouth.ac.uk/ktp