Dr Jamie White

Job title
Associate Lecturer BSc(Hons) Computing for Games

After graduating with first class honours, I worked within the software development industry, initially starting as an intern alongside my undergraduate studies, before commencing a PhD in computer engineering. Exploiting current game development technologies, my current PhD research delves into a unique area of considerable social importance to medical education, with respect to patient and staff well-being, self-confidence and contribution to healthcare outcomes. My PhD experience, however, had seen me develop a new passion in teaching, and I since trained as a further education (levels 2 and 3) and higher education (levels 4 and 5) lecturer in game development whilst working concurrently on my thesis as part of the PhD programme and revising for the subsequent viva examination. My long-term aim was to transition from a PhD graduate and lecturer in both further education and higher education into a full-time lecturer at Falmouth, where I hope to give back and inspire others to maximise their potential, develop computer games and mentor those in higher education seeking to obtain an undergraduate and postgraduate qualification as a supervisory role.

My PhD research proposed the use of virtual reality (VR) and comic book-style applications within a healthcare context as a possible future training solution, allowing users of either system to practice opportunities to challenge inappropriate directives, whilst raising awareness to the issues and importance of challenging. The applications required participants to engage with characters representing fictional clinical colleagues within both a 3D virtual and hand drawn environment using traditional gaming and simulation development technologies. The objective of the participant was to examine their environment and respond to a confederate’s decision for treatment of their patient. My research was presented at two recent conferences; “SCATA” Annual Scientific Meeting (2015) - The Royal College of Anaesthetists and “ASME” Annual Scientific Meeting Edinburgh (2015) - Associate for the Study of Medical Education. An early prototype of the simulator and comic book was presented at both conferences with an opportunity for questions from the audience interested in either application’s design. 


YearQualificationAwarding body
PhD in Computer Engineering
University of Birmingham
BSc (Hons) Computer Games Technology
University of Portsmouth

Honours and awards


University of Portsmouth Student Award - "Best placement opportunity"

Research interests

Research interests and expertise

My research interests focus primarily on evaluating the use of 2D and 3D simulation techniques for the development of non-technical skills associated with various professions, such as, for example, healthcare.

Research outputs



“ASME” Annual Scientific Meeting Edinburgh (2015) - Associate for the Study of Medical Education.


“SCATA” Annual Scientific Meeting (2015) - The Royal College of Anaesthetists


Areas of teaching

computer science
Game Development

Courses taught

Computing for Games (BSc)