Ben Sewell

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Lead Software Engineer (Launchpad)
01326 259411 Ext: 259411

I am at heart a software engineering team leader and coach. Having started out at a young age wanting to be an engineer, I've spent my career to date pursuing and enjoying that vocation. Along that path I've discovered that it's not simply bright individuals, but it's high-performing teams that really deliver, and my role in Falmouth Launchpad reflects that. As I will tell anyone who asks, "there is nothing quite like it when you see a team really fly - it's feels like they are singing".

What qualifies me to do this, particularly in the realm of software? Well, having graduated from Cambridge with a Masters in Engineering, I joined a safety-critical software development company called Tarragon Embedded Technology - shortly to be bought out by Ricardo plc, a significant UK automotive consultancy. There I learned the importance of software quality, and got to work on high-profile projects such as the gearbox for the Bugatti Veyron. From there I moved into Broadcom, and soon specialised into image processing  (ISP) in mobile phones. As an algorithm developer and tuner, I worked on the chip that now sits at the heart of the Raspberry Pi, but then was responsible for bringing the first HD-recording mobile phone to market outside Japan, and the Nokia N8, which led the world for years in mobile phone image quality. This is where I started to lead teams, and from Cornwall led a team across Israel and Cambridge in developing the next generation of the VIdeoCore ISP. From there I moved to a small local oil and gas consultancy where I built a small but capable software development team, and then on to Mojo Maritime, where I built a team and developed the fruits of someone else's PhD research to a commercial product - Mermaid. Now I am leading the technical side of Launchpad, and looking forward to seeing many great products and businesses flourish across the county.


YearQualificationAwarding body
MA MEng - Engineering (Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics)
Cambridge University


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Intellectual property

I am an inventor of the following patents:

  • Using motion information to assist in image processing  - Jul 28, 2015 - US909286
  • Dual Capture Image Processing - Issued Aug 1, 2014 - KR101428635
  • Concurrent Image Processing for Generating an Output Image - Issued Oct 1, 2013  - US8553109
  • Method And System For Determining How To Handle Processing Of An Image Based On Motion - Issued Aug 1, 2013 - US8503722
  • A Method Of Modelling The Effect Of A Fault On The Behaviour Of A System - Issued Dec 1, 2012 - JP5096352

I also have other patents pending. All these patents are the property of my employer at the time of invention.

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