Andy Joule

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Head of Animation & Visual Effects
01326 254121 Ext: 4121

Andy is head of Animation & Visual Effects in the School of Film & Television and joined the University in 2016. Andy specialises in stop motion and time-lapse cinematography. 

Prior to joining Falmouth University Andy worked in the animation industry for nearly 20 years as both an animator and director. As a freelancer Andy worked for studios including Aardman Animations, Cosgrove Hall Films, Tony Kaye Films, Red Bee Media and HOT Animation. He has also lectured at the University for the Creative Arts and University College Volda, Norway.

He is currently the Chief External Examiner for the Faculty of Media and Performance at Arts University, Bournemouth and has been External Advisor to UCLAN, Chichester University, London College of Communication at UAL & Teesside University.

He is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


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Research interests and expertise

Andy's films utilise a combination of techniques, comprising the traditional and the contemporary to create works that are moving still lifes. Timelapse, multi-layered image sequences, texture and a sense of disorientation are of prime interest, and the work always has a strong link to sound, with the films set to scores by both experimental and more contemporary composers. Inspiration comes from a number of places, but paramount are the works of the abstract expressionists Willem De Kooning and Jasper Johns, painters Kurt Schwitters and Ben Nicholson, designer Vaughn Oliver and film-makers Godfrey Reggio, Ron Fricke, Len Lye and Stan Breakage. For Andy the question is whether time-lapse cinematography is a technique of investigation and revelation, a cinematic short-hand, or whether it can be a form of unique cinematography in its entirety. Time-lapse cinematography has broadly developed into two distinct branches of film-making; scientific investigative films, and as a way of representing compressed time within traditional narrative film making. The ambition of Andy's research is to examine the development of these two main threads and to explore the ways in which the process can become a narrative tool in its own right. It is with this in mind that his research seeks to expand the understanding of time-lapse as a narrative genre. 

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time lapse cinematography

Research outputs

Publications and research outputs


Joule, Andy (2015) Be Here Steryear. [Artwork]

Joule, Andy (2014) Me Fish Bring. [Artwork]

Joule, Andy (2013) four and five. [Artwork]

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