2010 Nick Darke Award winner opens Ghost Town

Friday 7 March 2014

2010 Nick Darke Award winner Jessica Fisher has her play Ghost Town opening soon at the York Theatre Royal.

Jessica won the 2010 Nick Darke Award with Paradise, a play about a guerilla gardener, and was awarded £3000 to develop the script. Her latest venture, Ghost Town, won Pilot Theatre’s inaugural Generation Z competition in 2012. It’s her first professional play, and the characters are sixteen and seventeen years old, reflecting her interest in writing for young people.

Ghost Town deals with the challenging issue of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which main characters suffer from. Joe’s OCD gives him “really horrible, disturbing images about hurting people” and is a central aspect of the play, whilst character Keira represents different elements of the disorder.

Jessica’s next step is to further develop her Nick Darke Award entry play Paradise and hopes to get funding to bring that to the stage.