Autonomatic Research Group

We are design practitioners with skills and experience in designing in ceramics, metals, glass, plaster, plastics, amongst other media. As creative researchers we have a basic urge to invent new ways of making things, to ask “what if?”, “so what?” and “what next?”. Through our open and exploratory approach to using digital technologies we hope to inspire others to approach these technologies with a creative mindset.

Our research builds and reflects upon the revolution in digital manufacturing, which is gaining pace through new business models and production systems that can be aligned with the flexibility and individuality of the craft workshop. Our open and experimental approach to the use of digital technologies, often in conjunction with traditional tools and methods, is central to the innovation we achieve in both process and product.

Since we set out in 2003 we have grown our membership. Our internationally recognised research activities continue to grow through a focus on questions concerning ‘making’ in 21st century contexts.  Our team consists of practitioner-researchers working on projects that carry our pre-occupations with innovation in processes and products into wider contexts of economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. Our projects now involve us in partnerships with programmers, cultural geographers, bio-scientists, journalists, social scientists, technology developers, museum curators, as well as with other craftspeople, designers and artists.

Cornwall provides the backdrop for our research and as a region of beauty, relative isolation and a history of artistic endeavour, presents great challenges and opportunities for developing new ways of designing and making that exploit the creative potential and connectivity of digital technologies.

Autonomatic work locally, nationally and internationally on live projects, disseminating their research through exhibitions, practical demonstrations and fora. Check out the Autonomatic website for details about upcoming conferences, projects, presentations and papers, and contact us if you want to know more.


Autonomatic has been part funded through ERDF AIR funds and ESF 011200NCO5. For further information regarding funding please click on the EU logo in the website footer.