Articulating Space

Articulating Space

The Articulating Space research centre aims to bring together researchers working across performance, art, design and media by exploring new approaches to understanding, interpreting, representing and renewing place, environment, and landscapes through diverse forms of located arts practices.

Working from a region of over-worked landscapes and in the process of a post-industrial renewal and revision of itself through its creative industries and digital economy, we aim to build links with other groups and organisations working in rural environments and in regions and countries facing similar challenges. We are committed to working beyond the academy with both local and global communities within the following main research areas: locative, immersive and interactive narrative; digital storytelling; acoustic ecology; nature, landscape and site writing; theatricality of architecture; histories of theatrical spaces; re-interpretation of heritage sites; walking as performance; sustainable landscape design; landscape renewal and stewardship.

Articulating Space research projects

UnTill: Augmenting Agriculture with New Technologies

As part of the AHRC and British Council UnBox Fellowships, Dr Misha Myers worked with a team of practitioners and the Delhi-based non-profit organisation Digital Green to conceptualise an online interactive game to promote a better understanding of the reality of small farmers' lives in India. With this game, Digital Green hopes to engage a wider audience to the work they do to improve small farmer's livelihoods by disseminating videos created by farmers on sustainable farming practices. The concept for the game puts these videos centre stage in gameplay. The user is invited to view videos and problem-solve real life issues facing farmers. They learn about farming practices and gain an understanding of where their food comes from. The team experimented with this idea through a physical game that was tested at the UnBox Festival in Delhi and at the Alchemy Festival at South Bank Centre in London.

The Walking Library

The Walking Library is an on-going art project created by Dr Misha Myers and Professor Dee Heddon (University of Glasgow), that seeks to bring together walking and books - walking, reading and reflecting have a long history. The Walking Library facilitates a peripatetic reading group as it journeys, allowing engagement with and reflection on the Walking Library's content, and maybe even some sketching with words or images

The Walking Library was first commissioned as part of the Sideways Festival, a peripatetic arts festival that walked 333km from the West to the East of Belgium. For that journey, the research team asked a general question: "What book would you take on a walk?"

The Walking Library continues with a commission from the Bothy Project with a public walk in Glasgow carrying a selection of books hand-picked for a library in Bothan Suibhne (Sweeney's Both), a bothy to be built in the Scottish wilderness with funding from Creative Scotland's 2013 Year of Natural Scotland. Next, the Walking Library will walk from dusk to dawn carrying and engaging books relating to walking and temporality at the Performance Studies International Conference at Stanford University.

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