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Art and Curating as Distributed Form is a research project that develops conceptual and material curatorial platforms to support dispersed communities host art events in diverse local contexts. It involves research into the production of digital and non-digital artworks that can be stored globally (e.g. online) and accessed/enacted locally.

By definition these artworks are made up of a number of discrete elements - text, images, sound, video, instructions, recipes, events, documentation, labour of others, installations, performative arts, encounters and concepts, which do not co-exist in the same location and temporality as each other.

An example is Electronic Village Galleries, an on-going artwork that offers opportunities for audiences to engage with international contemporary art in local village halls. In the pilot phase, funded by Arts Council England, collections of digital art were devised by curators and installed by community curators in three public venues in Cornwall.

Currently, and in collaboration with Dr. Neil McLeod, the research is exploring whether unique art objects, such as paintings, have a place within this economy, and if so, in what form.


Living in Cornwall, a dispersed rural location, there are far fewer opportunities to engage with contemporary art than for those living in a major city. The project began with a pragmatic need to try and find a sustainable way to commission, programme and distribute contemporary art to multiple locations within Cornwall.


The aim is to produce a platform which provides opportunities for local art audiences to engage with internationally significant art in dispersed rural contexts, and which enables individuals and communities in Cornwall and beyond to host international contemporary art events locally.

Funding Sources

Electronic Village Galleries is a research project funding by Arts Council England.

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Dr Kate Southworth
Senior Lecturer/2nd Year Course Coordinator, BA(Hons) Fine Arts

Research Team:

Dr Kate Southworth
Dr Neil McLeod