Architecture Making Community

Architecture Making Community

Architecture Making Community at Falmouth University is a reseach platform applying participatory design practices to pedagogy through live projects and 1:1 making.


Architecture Making Community is based at Falmouth University and is a collaborative research programme. The programme is directed by the architectural staff who work on individual and collective projects with practitioners from other disciplines.

Architecture Making Community work on live projects with local communities to find solutions to real issues. Through making at both 1:1 and large scale models, we work collaboratively to build real structures that challenge the way we live and work in our regional context. Architecture Making Community applies research methods to pedagogy, enabling architecture students to engage with local communities and for local communities to benefit from creative proposals to contemporary issues.

Participatory Design: Connected Communities: Participatory Design Workshop

Connected Communities is a two day public workshop that uses participatory design practices to look at ways of connecting disparate communities within towns, and considers possible futures for their town centres. The inaugural Connected Communities workshop was created in Penryn by Architecture Making Community in partnership with Penryn Town Team.

Live Project 1: The Exchange - Old Hill Estate, Penwarris Ward, Falmouth 2014-15

Working with the Draceana Centre the students looked at the feasibility of developing a place for community exchange on the pivotal site currently occupied by the 6th Falmouth Sea Scouts hut. Through the project, students engaged in discussion and presented their proposals for feedback to representatives from the Beacon Hill Regeneration Partnership and the Draceana Centre. Ideas generated through the students' proposals were used to help generate ideas for future funding applications.

Live Project 2: The Link - Penryn Primary Academy 2015-16

Penryn Infants and Penryn Juniors became an Academy school in 2015. Their two buildings sit next to each other but are not physically connected. Following the creation of Penryn Primary Academy, the school asked the students to look at the feasibility of linking the two schools physically. Students worked with the staff and school children from both the infant and junior sites to develop ideas for the brief, they then returned to the school to show their models to the children and get feedback on their proposals.

1:1 Making 1: Liminal's Transient Parish for Goonhilly Green Festival 2015

Architecture students worked with artist group Liminal to construct the Transient Parish bell tower for Goonhilly Village Green Festival in 2015 as a way of embedding themselves within the site for their own design project Goonhilly Observatory.

Live Project 3: Goonhilly Observatory 2015-16

Having spent two days on the Goonhilly Downs as part of the Goonhilly Green Festival, the students worked up design proposals for an observatory that responded to the themes within the Goonhilly Village Green Festival and could be incorporated into future Goonhilly Down Festivals.

Live Project 4: Connected Communities - Penryn 2015-16

This live project began with members of the Penryn community working with Falmouth University archtecture students and artist Simon Persighetti (Wrights and Sites) in a two-day participatory design workshop called Connected Communities: Penryn. From this workshop came a series of drawings and ideasthat explored Penryn and proposals for sites for interventions that might promote the growth of a sustainable and vibrant High Street.

The work developed through this Connected Communities workshop formed the brief for the architecture designs for Penryn. These projects were exhibited and reviewed as part of a Public Exhibition in the Stuart Stephen Memorial Hall at the end of the project.

The student's proposals addressed ways of drawing people into the heart of Penryn and connecting the town centre with Commercial Road. There were proposals for swimming pools, a transport interchange, and a series of event spaces both indoors and outdoors, for theatre, music and the arts. A number of the projects looked at how the existing Penryn community and the new student community might intergrate. Other projects look at access to the Penryn River frontage and all of the proposals contributed to a vision for making a sustainable and vibrant Penryn.

Partners (2014-16)

  • Beacon Community Regeneration Partnership (BCRP)
  • Draceana Centre
  • Falmouth Transition Town
  • Falmouth 6th Sea Scouts
  • Penryn Primary Academy
  • Field Notes
  • Goonhilly Village Green Festival
  • Liminal
  • Penryn Town Team
  • Simon Persighetti (Wrights and Sites)

Contact Us

We are actively looking to build relationships with local community organisations and groups who are interested in engaging in a dialogue about designing innovative and creative futures for their local built environment. For more information please contact:

Frances Crow
Senior Lecturer in Architecture