Application Process

Make sure you read our guidance on how to apply for our courses 

If you submit your application during the normal application cycle, as opposed to through clearing or ucas extra, this is what typically happens next:

1 We acknowledge receipt

We aim to acknowledge receipt within two working days of submission. We'll email you, so please make sure you let us or UCAS (for undergraduate degrees) know about any changes.

2 You receive a login for the applicant portal

We'll email this to you. The information you see in the portal is bespoke and it will outline the next steps in your particular application process. You'll see any evidence you need to upload, such as proof of residency, English language ability, or proof of identity. We'll also use the portal to list any course-specific tasks you need to complete, such as uploading examples of your work, and to invite you to an interview.

3 We process your application

Undergraduate applications

We have three methods for making a decision on your application, depending on which course you have applied for:

Application only

For some courses we will use your application alone to reach a decision, we will look at your personal statement, your reference and qualifications.

Application plus online portfolio

The course you have applied for may require an online portfolio which we will ask for via the Applicant Portal, once we have received that we will use that along with your application to reach a decision. For advice on how to build a successful portfolio, watch the video on this page.

Application and interview

We might invite you to attend an interview or audition. Interviews are two-way: they give you the opportunity to show your creative skills and interview us; and they help us further assess your potential in your chosen subject. You'll be invited to interview via the applicant portal, which you can also use to request another date or time, or to request an online interview if you can't come to the campus in person. The selection process is described on each course page and you can also find what we are looking for in a successful applicant for that course.

Postgraduate applications

Your application will be passed on to the course team for assessment. They may ask to see some work from you or they may invite you to attend an interview to talk further about your application.

4 We reach a decision

We aim to make academic decisions within five working days of either receiving your application or an interview or audition, however, we are most interested in making sure that all applications receive the attention they deserve. There may be times when popular and competitive courses take longer than this, as they may wait until they have assessed all on-time applicants as a group before they decide upon the outcome of individual applications. Sometimes we may require further information from you to make an assessment and this will naturally delay our decisions. If you are unsure, please feel free to enquire about the progress of your application.

Conditional or unconditional offer

If we make you an offer to study with us, it will either be conditional or unconditional. If you are made a conditional offer, you'll need to fulfil certain conditions before you can commence your studies with us. For example, if you're currently studying, we may ask you to achieve certain grades or UCAS points. Your conditions will be specific to you as an individual.

If the condition is a pre-requisite of study, such as English language, you must meet it. However, if you have been made an offer on the basis of your creative ability and potential, we may be able to be flexible with your offer. If you are at all concerned that you will not be able to achieve your conditions, please contact us straight away for individual advice and guidance.

In all cases, we will communicate decisions via email to the address you gave us in your application. If you have applied through UCAS, we'll also send you our decision in your UCAS Track account.

5 Stay in touch

Once you've accepted an offer, we will hold a place for you. In the meantime, if you want to read more about commencing your studies at Falmouth, please visit our new students page

If you have any questions, please get in touch: