DiaGram is a research cooperative at Falmouth University, centred around interest and engagement with the practice of graphic design, and the transmission of small units of meaning.

Graphic designers strive to make sense of information through research to visually communicate it to an audience. These journeys and processes are fundamental to graphic design practice and practical exploration in an academic research context offers opportunities to discover new knowledge. Current themes of interest include transcription, visual representation, semiotics, drawing, design process, typography, orthography and language.

These are made manifest through a body of independent and collaborative projects that explore practice as a fertile ground for graphic design research and impact. They connect to teaching, and are rooted in a highly competitive and fast changing service industry.

Dia: through, across.

Gram: a small unit.

Diagram: a graphic representation.

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For further information contact:

Andy Neal
Course Coordinator, Graphic Design

Email: andy@falmouth.ac.uk