Visual Impairment

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We think it is important for students and staff not affected by visual impairment to understand the disability. A brief overview of the effects are outlined below.

What is visual impairment?

People with a visual impairment experience varying degrees of sight loss and in the majority of cases, some sight will be retained.

The effects will not be obvious, although very low or very bright lighting can cause problems. It may take longer to read printed material and special computer software or equipment may be required to read the material at all.

Applicants with visual impairment are likely to need information about their interview in a format such as CD, large print, email, Braille or audio cassette.

For written tests, a visually-impaired candidate should be consulted for their preferred format and dictating of answers may be necessary.

Assisting the visually impaired

We have a wealth of experience in supporting those with visual impairments and we are able to support students on a variety of courses.

Whatever your level of disability, we can support you throughout your studies. Falmouth University is committed to improving and extending support and facilities to students with disabilities.

Assistance we can provide to those with a visual impairment include:

  • Specialist support staff trained in the needs of people with visual impairment
  • Braille documents
  • Speech synthesiser facility for IT needs
  • Staff development to ensure they are aware of problems faced by visually impaired students
  • Awareness raising aimed at student groupsAll new signage undertaken in Braille
  • A number of large PC monitors, magnifiers and CCTV facilities
  • Special provision at examinations

In the classroom tutors work sympathetically with students offering enlarged handouts and other papers. Tutors are asked to provide copies of course materials in enlarged typeface wherever possible.

Note taking support for students requiring transcription of large quantities of course material to audio tape or CD for enlargement is arranged and funded from the Disabled Students' Allowance.

Some students require special arrangements for examinations so please talk to us about your disability as soon as possible. If you have already had special arrangements for previous examinations it would be helpful for us to know about these. We will, of course, require medical evidence of need, in order to be able to give a student special arrangements.

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