Mobility Impairment

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We think it is important for students and staff not affected by a mobility impairment to understand some of the difficulties that may be encountered by students who are wheelchair users or who have impaired mobility.

What is mobility impairment?

Students with physical impairments may have difficulties with mobility, manual dexterity and speech. Some will use a wheelchair all (or some of) the time and support with personal care and the more physical aspects of studio-based courses may be required.

Steps and stairs, steep paths, narrow or heavy doors, cramped working spaces, high level furniture and the lack of adapted toilet facilities pose real difficulties for wheelchair users and those whose mobility is severely impaired. When this is the case, every effort will be made to make the necessary adjustments to ensure a good learning experience, whether this requires room changes or special equipment.

Some students with physical disabilities require rest periods between lectures or seminars. Students whose disability is connected to a medical condition may also need time out of University because of this, and staff should be sensitive to this issue. Falmouth University is committed to improving and extending support and facilities to students with disabilities. Whilst we recognise that the hilly terrain of West Cornwall may present problems for wheelchair users or those with mobility difficulties, students with a range of disabilities have studied here successfully.

Assisting the mobility impaired

To assist those who are mobility impaired we have provided various facilities on campus. The facilities currently in place include:

  • Accessible parking
  • Wheelchair accessible toilets
  • Accessible facilities such as the refectory, library, teaching rooms
  • Support workers who can assist with the physical aspects of your course*

All of the University's newer buildings have been designed with the needs of the physically disabled in mind. There are wheelchair facilities, lifts, designated parking spaces, ramps and disabled toilet facilities.

There are specially adapted flats in the student residences located in the centre of town for easy access to shops, banks, pubs and galleries. Personal carers can also be accommodated.

* The Disability Service can provide support workers for students who require assistance with the physical aspects of their course. These supporters (or enablers) have no particular qualifications, but are sensitive to the issues that students with disabilities face and are funded through the University from the individual student's Disabled Students' Allowance.

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Sophie Atherton
Accessibility Adviser, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Adviser, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Advisor, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Adviser, Falmouth Campus

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Wellbeing Caseworker/Mental Health Adviser

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