Makernow - Digital Fabrication Laboratory (Fab Lab)

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What we do…

Makernow is a digital fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) based in the Design Centre at Falmouth University.

As a resource of people and digital equipment Makernow aims to inspire and support individuals, communities or businesses who want to use digital tools to achieve their goals. Whether it's a prototype product, a one-off artwork, a device to solve a local problem, or simply something you have always wanted to make, Makernow can help.

Makernow aims to be as inclusive as possible and provides support and access to digital design & fabrication facilities for individuals, community groups and commercial businesses. To do this, our facilities are available via alternative platforms depending on your requirements. As part of the international Fab Lab network we provide free and open access to our services for individuals or community groups on the understanding that the work undertaken is then published online and made freely available for others to access and use. Alternatively, for those of our clients who require a commercial IP rights protected service we also offer a range of business packages.

Makernow has been part funded through ERDF AIR funds. For further information regarding funding please click on the EU logo in the website footer.

Facility hire


The heart of Makernow’s mission is to encourage, train and support people in the use of new making technologies. If you are an entrepreneur, an inventor, or anyone with an idea you want to realise, you can make it happen at Makernow. Depending on your requirements you can access our services completely free or decide to pay a reasonable commercial rate. 

Communities and groups

If you are a community group or organisation interested in working together to develop devices, designs or artifacts that will benefit you as a group, Makernow can help. We are particularly interested in how people can use digital tools to make things that are bespoke to particular contexts, with the broad aim of improving community resilience and sustainability. 


Makernow is a digital fabrication and electronic prototyping workshop that gives you the opportunity to develop your ideas and create prototypes for new products. In addition to our range of digital production equipment and electronics facilities, the Makernow team can also assist in every step of your product development. We provide expertise in 2D and 3D CAD, the creative exploitation of digital fabrication technologies, and all aspects of digital interaction prototyping.

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