Hearing Impairment

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We think it is important for students and staff not affected by hearing impairment to understand the disability. A brief overview of the effects are outlined below.

What is hearing impairment?

Deafness and hearing impairment are terms used to cover the whole range of hearing loss. This includes people who are deaf, partially deaf/partially hearing, deafened, deaf/blind, hard of hearing and people with tinnitus.

Students with hearing impairment may experience difficulties in lectures and seminars and where there is a lot of background noise. Students can experience great frustration in these situations.

Support for a student with hearing impairment may be technological (eg a hearing loop) or personal (eg an interpreter). Deafness can affect communication and therefore a student's learning experience in a way that few other disabilities can.

Many deaf students see themselves as belonging to a minority of British Sign Language users and experience English very much as a second language. Even where English is seen as a first language, there can be communication issues for deaf students who are lip readers.

Assisting the hearing impaired

Falmouth University is committed to improving and extending support and facilities to students with disabilities. We have a wealth of experience in supporting those with hearing impairments and offer the following assistance and support:

  • Amplifiers at all reception areas
  • Staff development sessions
  • Note takers for lectures and seminars
  • Hearing loop systems
  • Video library or relevant information
  • Hearing dogs welcomed
  • Telephone points in halls of residence for IT access

Lip readers and signers can be provided through Disabled Students' Allowance.

Contact us

Tel: 01326 370460
Email: accessibility@fxplus.ac.uk

Sophie Atherton
Accessibility Adviser, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Adviser, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Advisor, Penryn Campus

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Accessibility Adviser, Falmouth Campus

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Wellbeing Caseworker/Mental Health Adviser

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Wellbeing Project Worker