Tickets and Booking

1. Booking your guest tickets

In order to comply with Health & Safety regulations and stay within the maximum seating capacity at the Princess Pavilion there is a limited number of guest tickets available. Each graduand will be allocated two guest tickets (graduands do not require a ticket for themselves).

Guest ticket allocation (if a graduand has been allocated extra tickets this will be included in their guest ticket allocation) will be confirmed by email to the graduands' University and personal email address as indicated on their completed attendance form week commencing 11 August 2014. You are required to print this email confirmation prior to attending your graduation ceremony and to present it at the Graduand's Registration Desk upon arrival.

Admission to the ceremony for all guests is by ticket only.

2. Guests with children

Children over four years old do require a guest ticket. Guests with small children can reserve seats near an exit in case the child/children becomes restless, enabling them to exit the theatre with minimum disruption. If guests are unable to return to the theatre, the ceremony is shown live in the bar area at the Princess Pavilion. Please complete the relevant section in the part of the form relating to 'guest seating' on the online student's confirmation of attendance form.

3. Applying for extra tickets

A small amount of extra tickets may become available and will be issued subject to availability and on a 'first come, first served' basis. To request extra tickets, complete the relevant section in the part of the form relating to 'extra tickets' on the online student's confirmation of attendance form. We cannot guarantee that you will be allocated extra tickets and they will be allocated as and when they become available. There is no charge for any guest tickets.

Graduands will receive an email notifying them if they have been successful in securing extra tickets and using the online link, graduands will have to confirm they would like the extra tickets.

There may also be some spare seats on the day, but please note that these cannot be guaranteed or booked in advance. Guests without guest tickets are asked to join the non-ticket holders queue and spare seats will be allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis only.

A live broadcast of ceremony will be shown in the bar area of the Princess Pavilion for those guests who have been unable to secure a guest ticket on the day.

4. Collection of guest tickets

All guest tickets will be available for collection at the Graduand's Registration Desk on production of the email confirmation documentation that was emailed to the graduand in August. All tickets must be collected at the ceremony registration times see Venue Information for details.

5. Guest visa applications

If you would like to invite family and friends from overseas to attend your graduation, they may require immigration permission to enter the UK as a visitor. To find out if entry clearance is required and how to obtain it, please visit the UK Borders Agency Visa Services website

If a letter of invitation is required for your guests to apply for a visitor visa to attend graduation, please contact the Quality & Standards Team by emailing

6. Disabled seating and parking, and special arrangements

Due to the nature of the venue, a Victorian theatre, we can only accommodate wheelchair guests by prior arrangement. Wheelchair guests who have not secured a guest ticket prior to the ceremony, will be able to watch the graduation ceremony live in the bar area at the venue.

Students will receive their degree on the stage which is accessed by stairs.

Guest seating is partially tiered and leg room is restricted.

Parking will only be available at the Princess Pavilion for guests who are Blue Badge Holders and who have made prior arrangements with the Graduation Team.

Please complete the relevant section in the part of the form relating to 'seating and parking for disabled students and guests' on the online student's confirmation of attendance form.

If you have any queries regarding special arrangements please contact the Graduation Team by emailing

7. Accommodation

There are hotels in Falmouth offering graduation and early bird packages and there are many guest houses. Details of accommodation in the Falmouth area can be found at the Visit Falmouth website